Kaprielian Productions features the creative work of Albert Kaprielian. Albert expresses his creative spirit through different media including photography, music, writing, and music videos.  

He also likes writing rhyming verse and has used this format extensively in his book on Broadview Public School.

Although Albert loves nature and marvels at the silence and peace of a country night sky, his photography and music are generally very urban in nature.  

Visually, he has an affinity for derelict and broken-down things, from barns to factories, churches to schools, and bridges to boats.  When communing with nature he would rather photograph a gnarly old tree than a picturesque sunset.  

Musically his tastes encompass the warm dark basement of a hopping jazz club, to the majesty and enrapturing sound of a symphony orchestra, to the country/rock harmonies of bands like The Eagles, The Band, and Blue Rodeo.